Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GM Appreciation Day

March 4 is GM Appreciation Day!  There are huge sales on just about every site in honor of the event.  And, as much as I love a good sale or an opportunity to steer people towards a good deal, I'd like to talk about my home group's GM today.

My home group's GM was my roommate in college.  He picked up the GMing duties at the end of the summer when my law classes started back this semester.  He's spent over a year working on his own campaign world.  And there are so many different underlying details to it.  We are still at a stage during the campaign when we only know the overlaying details.  But, the more I see, the more I like!

So, cheers to Parker!  He also works a podcast--Wrong Reel.  You'll learn everything about movies both recent and old.  Check it out when you've got a minute!

Here's an article about 25 things you, the player, can do to make your GM's life easier.  #1 hits home--I've vowed to do just that in a recent post!