Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The folks over at ENWorld have an idea for a new Pathfinder monthly.  They are calling it TRAILseeker and propose to fund it through a crowd-funding model on Patreon.  They plan to release an article a week based on the amounts that their donors agree to give to them.  Only willing to spend $1--this will work if you can find 249 other people that feel the same way.  On the upside here, I feel like they have come up with a good deal, especially since they've created a method to limit your maximum monthly spending.  On the downside, they are asking for donations per article but being coy about just how many articles they will produce a month.  But, with the monthly donation cap, you can control that yourself.  They'll start producing once they've got a guaranteed $250/article and will produce the monthly adventure once they are receiving $500/article.

They've also got 4 sample articles:

  • Red Fangs in a White Night: An adventure for 4 7th-level characters in a city housed within a giant translucent dome;
  • Archery Contests: Proposed rules mechanics for guessed it...archery contests!;
  • Multiclassing Feats: Feats that have prerequisites from two or more class features, requiring characters to multiclass in order to take them; and
  • A new monster: the Voludaemon

I'm intrigued.  These are the people that produced the Zeitgeist Adventure Path--one that I read solely because the first adventure in it is free.  It goes for a long time (like 12 issues I think, he says as he eschews the effort to Google and find out).  I'll do individual articles on each of the samples.  I'm going to make a monthly donation I think.  I'm going to review each of the samples and agree to donate $2/article for each one I like, with a monthly maximum of $20.  Check back daily to see how the various offerings are received and what the final total will be!  What's the worst that can happen--it's Patreon.  If the offering doesn't work out, I can always cancel.  ;)

They also have a slew of future articles planned:

  • After Death, an adventure by Jonathan Garret. Congratulations! Your party is dead. This is an adventure designed for 9th-level characters. It is also a little different, as the PCs will start it dead. Fortunately for them, death is not the end.
  • Weapon Style Feats by Jonathan Palmer. Ultimate Combat introduced a number of style feats focused around unarmed combat and the emulation of animals, as practiced by various races with a clear Eastern influence. Yet the martial arts encompass a greater world than the clashing of bone and muscle.
  • Making Mischief: A Dirty Trick Guide by Thomas Kyle. The ‘dirty trick’ combat maneuver could be considered one of the most fun actions a character can perform in Pathfinder
  • Cherufe, a new monster by Jeff Lee. Cherufe are often believed to be the incarnate spirits of volcanoes. Their anger is said to trigger quakes and eruptions. 
  • Fantastic Tomes & Librams by Russ Morrissey. Every once in a while adventurers stumble across the study of an archmage, a long-lost library, a university, or even just a wizard's bedchamber. What book does a wizard have in his bedside table? What's on the shelves of the archmage's secret study? Which book is being talked about in the streets and taverns of the wealthy district?
  • The Power of Theme by Anthony Torretti.  Tell your story without restricting players.
Check back in coming days to see how the various samples work out.