Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dwarven Forge

Holy rusted chainmail, Dwarven Forge!  I knew about Dwarven Forge because I'd seen their stuff at GenCon, but I finally bought the bullet this week.  I'm in for cavern sets and for dungeon sets.  And, now that their new Kickstarter has gone live, it looks like I'll be in for a city set as well.
One of my PFS games at GenCon was in a dungeon made out of Dwarvenite.
Somewhere I also have pictures from the insane layouts of their stuff they
had at GenCon.  Alas, that place is not here at work.

Obviously, I'm a fan of their sets.  But, I was always a little bit confused about just how far a single pack of their stuff would take you.  That's when I came across their mapmaker tool.  These people are geniuses.  Essentially, they've thrown up modular images of each of their tiles and allowed you to make your own maps.  That way, you can see exactly how much of something that you need.  This is a huge step forward.  I was always concerned that their initial pack would be way too small and that it wouldn't make sense just to pick one up.  With the mapmaker, I was able to see just how far a pack would take me.

You can see that I don't need much dwarvenite.

Now let's get on to their Kickstarter.  As of this writing, which is, admittedly, a few days before this thing will post, they had already raised over $800K.  The basic pieces look nice:

There are also add-ons in case you want to do the outside of some buildings:

And these mofos are burning through stretch goals like they are nothing:
Full disclosure, I bought in.  I think this goes a long way to making a gaming experience more immersive.  It'll be about a year till the city streets pack gets here from the Kickstarter, but I've got my caverns and my dungeons coming next week.  I'll build something and post it when they arrive!