Friday, March 6, 2015

Grande Problemas en Chinita Figurines!

Anybody who knows me for very long quickly learns of my love for Big Trouble in Little China, a 1986 John Carpenter film featuring Kurt Russell as a truck driver aiding Dennis Dun in his fight against an ancient Chinese prince/cursed sorcerer to get his girl back--all because of the color of her eyes.  Why do I love the movie?  It's got a good sense of fun and adventure.  It's totally irreverent--see how Kim Cattrall plays a stereotypical action movie bimbo but hams it up exactly enough you can see she's making fun of the trope.  It also features a truck driver as a hero--not something that happens, take it from this trucking lobbyist.

I loved it enough that a fraternity brother and I watched it yearly in college (and a few years later) and did a drinking game to it.  (Note: there are several Big Trouble drinking games.  This one is still the best.  Why?  It's endorsed by Egg Shen.  You have to pick either Wing Kong or Chang Seng at the beginning and drink anytime one of your teammates goes down (Chang Seng drinks heavy early; Wing Kong does so late).  Finally, SIX DEMON BAG!)

Fun fact: Paizo Creative James Jacobs has listed Big Trouble as a movie that always gets him in the mood to adventure.

Another fun fact: The GM of the home Pathfinder game I play in has his own movie podcast--and they talked about John Carpenter and Big Trouble recently.  You should check it out!

So how excited was I when I heard that there are now 3.75 in. Big Trouble in Little China Figurines?!

That is all, dear reader.  I cannot think of anything that's better than this picture.