Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dungeons & Dragons takes back the RPG Crown

ICv2 confirms what I guessed at last August: Dungeons & Dragons 5E was the best selling RPG last year.  As ENWorld notes, the real question will be whether or not they can keep up with Paizo's gruelling pace of releasing so many products a month.  

Also interesting is Numenera's meteoric rise.  The 9th World premiered in fall 2013 and it took the #4 position by Spring 2014.  It fell off for a couple of months, but it's back at number 4 now.  I've been a big Numenera fan ever since the Kickstarter, but I'm not sure that it provides the level of long-term playability that a game like D&D or Pathfinder does.  For me, at least, Numenera (or its younger Cypher System sibling, the Strange) is more of an occasional fix to find something a little bit different than a regular habit.

In other good news, ICv2 also reports that there have been six straight years of growth in hobby games, with "a revived RPG category" as one of the "leaders in the trend."  Gaming is not a marginal hobby, people!

Other good news from the article:
Retailers reported a broad-based influx of new customers, reflecting a growing awareness of the hobby.  The big holiday surge in particular types of games may reflect this trend; new customers were looking for board games they’ve heard of (like perennials Settler of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic) or easy-to-learn, simpler games like Love Letter and Cards Against Humanity.

EN World has a chart showing the historical rankings according to ICv2: