Sunday, September 7, 2014

Holy Shit! Gaming is NOT a marginal hobby!

So, I was looking around Amazon today, mostly to check out whether they had opened up their page for People of the Stars for reviews.  They haven't, but they had a some other recommended books for me.  Good shopper I am, I checked out one of them (The Bone Clocks, if you are asking.  And I'm likely to get a copy.  An inter-generational story about two warring groups with psychic powers sounds too good to miss, even if I did find Cloud Atlas a difficult, if rewarding, read).  It was #31 in books which made me wonder...what were the top books right now.  That's when I saw this little gem:

The new Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook is the #7 bestselling book on Amazon right now.

#7 and rising!
Also #1 in it's own category, which is not quite as exciting.  For example, this blog is also #1 in blogs called A Gaymer's Quest!

 Gaymers rejoice!  We are not alone!