Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Buying In to Byenn

We had our second session in the new campaign last night.  According to Roll20, it’s called Byenn.  I’m not sure how that relates to the world as of yet, but I’m going to take it on faith that it will be important, or, if not important, at least serve as a sufficiently indicative moniker for the campaign.  Since we have agreed that we are going to hold our next session on Friday afternoon, I’m under a bit of a time crunch to get this summary written.  On a happier note, I remembered to take some screen shots this time around.  So, there will be some graphics in this update!  Huzzah!

Joramon and our GM getting ready for a play session.  Joramon is reading through the last blog post about our first session.  At the bottom you can see Aliana on the left and cannot so much see Rhyss (me) or Jertyl.

We left our heroes in the midst of a riot (cum rebellion?) in the city of Flynnt.  Rhyss (me), Aliana, Joramon, and Jertyl[1] recently slipped into a building at the behest of a bunch of people who it appears actually started the riot during the execution.  Agreeing to accompany Joramon to his home to find his stuff was a questionable judgment call.  This appears to be completely insane. 

We’re holed up in this building and there are a lot of other people with us.  Yep!  You guessed it!  They are all TREKkies.[2]  We’re taken to meet their leader.  His name is Serge and he’s not particularly friendly.  He definitely has a thing against dwarves, like Joramon.  But, we were fighting in his company, so we appear to be given the benefit of the doubt.  Serge has the four of us packed upstairs so he and his team can decide what to do with us.  There are lots of wounded people, but a several able-bodied ones as well.  We comply and are escorted to wait for the verdict.

The heroes wait upstairs while the TREKkies decide their fate.

As a team we haven’t really had much of an opportunity to really meet each other yet.  Unfortunately, we don’t really get an opportunity to do this because we have to discuss what the hell is going on and how we want to respond to things.  Joramon isn’t surprised about this, but informs us that he doesn’t much care for his fellow dwarves either.  Rhyss is really just in it for the adventure.[3]  He takes a seat and starts playing a popular satirical tune on his pan pipes.  It starts with, “Who runs the world?  Dwarves!”  It gets an approving snort from the other side of the door.

Guards appear at the door and ask us to come back downstairs.  (Did I mention that there’s still a riot going on all around us).  Rhyss decides to be impressive and attempts to do a vaulting flip off out of his chair.  He bombs it and lands on his head, almost destroying his lute!  What’s a bard without his instrument?  The beautiful Aliana pulls him up.  Trying to recover his poise, Rhyss tells Joramon, “That’s the same trick I used to bed the Pasha of Ruana’s daughter!”

On the bright side, Serge and Co. have decided that we are all trustworthy.  On the so bright that it burns side, they have decided that we are all so damned trustworthy that they’d like us to join their order.  They believe in fighting against tyranny so that learning and peace can flourish.  Rhyss is down with concepts like that—it’s a life philosophy he approves of.  Unfortunately, they want us to show our dedication to the cause by getting the first letter in the TREK symbol branded onto our skin.  Joramon and Aliana agree pretty quickly. 

The main floor of our hideaway house.  You can see Serge above.  He's the one with the word "Serge" floating underneath him.

Rhyss pulls one of his favorite tricks—he hides until he’s wanted.  They fail to find him (except one injured guy who sees Rhyss slip under the table and just smiles).  When Serge calls out for Rhyss, he leaps onto the table and informs his new benefactor (or jailer, the two seem pretty congruent at the moment) that his skills run more to sneaking about and garnering information and that a brand would only impede doing that.  Serge agrees, reluctantly, that Rhyss will not need to take the brand.

Rhyss hasn’t had much time to chat with Jertyl yet, but Jertyl’s next move impresses him.  Jertyl doesn’t want to get branded either.  Thank God[4], someone else seems to be showing some sense here.  Before Jertyl and Serge can have it out, there’s a knocking at the door.  Is it a pleasant knocking?  Nope.  It’s the kind that’s followed by a battering ram.  Joramon and a TREKkie run south to reinforce the barricade.  Serge yells that we all need to get upstairs as quickly as possible.  Joramon, Aliana, and Rhyss follow, but Jertyl decides to stay downstairs and take stock of the situation.  Possibly Jertyl also wants a moment to reflect on the joyful development prevented his being branded.  Rhyss certainly felt like it was a close call.

Aliana splits off on the middle floor.  Maybe she heard a noise?  Rhyss and Joramon are rolling upstairs post-haste.  I guess we are going to the roof?  Maybe this is a horror movie?  There are people surrounding the base of the building, so we head to the one place with the least good options for escaping…

Full shot of the grinder house we got thrown into.  The crazy alchemist is hidden behind my name screen.  We are on the roof.  The plank bridge to the right has fallen, but we'll have to rush and defend the one on the left soon!

Chaos reins on the roof.  After a moment’s notice, Rhyss can see that it’s controlled chaos though.  There’s a few guys on the roof along with Serge.  As Rhyss and Joramon get up there, someone pushes a barrel off the roof.  Nothing happens for a second and then there’s a big BOOM!  Apparently the barrels are filled with something incendiary.  We take up positions on the roof.  That’s when Rhyss notices the planks connecting our roof to two other roofs crawling with Flynnt’s city guard.

Things are looking rough when Aliana arrives.  Apparently she went to investigate something she heard—a mad alchemist below who gave her several doses of alchemist’s fire!  We may have a chance!  Battle ensues.  Rhyss takes position behind a barricade and starts firing arrows.  Joramon’s fighting along the edges of the roof keeping defenders back while Aliana chugs vials of alchemist’s fire at our attackers.  Then Jertyl shows up.  He’d stayed downstairs while guards sent in their feral tracking dogs.  He’d laid one out, but then had to flee up the stairs with the little bitches on his heels. 

We’re trapped thirty feet above ground on the roof of a burning building with guards coming at us from both sides.  Rhyss lands a lucky hit on a guard coming from the east building and knocks him off the plank.  When he loses his balance, the plank falls with him.  Joramon is holding the western plank along with Serge and some TREKkies.  Aliana is chugging alchemist’s fire for all she’s worth.  Jertyl lost his hook in a grisly encounter with one of the dogs below, but he’s fighting guards up top with his scimitar. 

Suddenly, Rhyss sees something on the edge of the northern wall.  A small hole has opened up into what looks like a hidden crawlspace.  Most of the TREKkies are dead now.  Joramon has taken out the guards and the western plank bridge, but things don’t look good.  Even Serge is on his last wind.  Rhyss yells to his companions to hightail it into the bolt hole while he covers them with arrows.  The three of them make it in.  Serge and the TREKkies aren’t so lucky.

Someone’s installed a false wall along the northern edge of the building with holes connecting the floors.  We flee down them as quickly as possible.  Finally, there’s a hole too small for the tall folks to fit through.  Aliana and Rhyss slide through to see what’s going on beneath.  Joramon and Jertyl beat a hole and we end up underneath the building before crawling through the last hole—into a subterranean hideout presumably carved by one of the TREKies.

Just as our heroes slip into the bolt hole, the building comes crashing down on top of them.  Our pursuers have been cut off, but we have no route back above.  Jertyl lights a torch and we see we’re in a hideout with six beds, a few chests (full of food no less!) and tunnels heading north and south.  Joramon’s in bad shape and wants to hunker down for the night. 

Jertyl finds the food in the chests and we decide to rest.  Aliana and Joramon are now that last two members of the world’s smallest gang.[5]  Jertyl and Rhyss appear to be along for the ride.  Where are we going next?  You’ll have to wait for our next recap[6] to find out.

End scene.

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[1] Who I, Boyd the player, not Rhyss the character, am already lobbying to switch into a class that has an animal companion who will, of course, be called Yertyl the Turtle.
[2] Possibly in response to my last recap, our GM has informed us that the word should be pronounced “Trook” (rhymes with the noise an ape makes).  I am going to continue calling them TREKkies, but you can pronounce them as Trooks, Trookies, Trekkies, or Jumpin’ Jambalaya Juicers for yourself.  I don’t mind.  Really, it’s up to you.
[3] Or is he?
[4] Insert name of the Byennese (Byenni?) deity here.
[5] All credit to Aliana on that joke!
[6] Unless we start live streaming.  We might, if you provide comments asking us to!