Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Great RPG April Fools' Jokes

I've seen two great game-related April Fools' jokes today.  Both gave me a great laugh.  Honestly, one of them I would would probably buy for real.  Gnome Stew has "announced" gamer romance novels.  These "will be a semi-interactive reading experience of Gnome and Fantasy themed romance novels. Much like Choose Your Own Adventure books, Gnomance Novels will be interactive fiction pieces released primarily as online eBooks with options to switch between story paths using simple dice mechanics and romance options."  What about this doesn't sound fantastic?  They even have a good knock off of one of my favorite plays in Gnometeenth Night.

Everything about this screams awesome...
except it's not really existing.

The other fantastic joke is Settlers of Brooklyn (prounounced "Brook-lawn").  Check out the video: