Friday, August 29, 2014

PFS Character Intro: Khygar the Dwarf

Khygar is my first character for Pathfinder Society.  I tend to try and play characters that are very different than I am.  I lead a bookish type life, so it's no surprise that I go for the rogues and the warriors in my PFS characters.  That said, I've recently rolled up an Erastilian warpriest (still working on a background) and a halfling arcanist who is a refugee on Golarion from a colony on the Elemental Plane of Air.  He worked with airships, but he crashed into a rift that left him stranded on Golarion in the Prime Material.  But, more on Bertie Higgins later.  Until then, here's Khygar of Rolgrimmdur!

Khygar's Background:
Khygar originally hails from Rolgrimmdur, where all young dwarves are raised on warfare. While he was competent with the traditional dwarven axe, his true love was the warhammer. Though some other students at first whipsered that it was because his mother was from Taggoret far to the south, he quickly disabused them with wallops to the face.

After obtaining his majority, Khygar signed on with Rolgrimmdur's famed mercenary legions to save money for building a hold of his own within Rolgrimmdur. He was sent with a small company to Janderhoff, in Varisia.
There he learned that perhaps there was something to his classmates' former teasing, he developed an eye for gems and particularly enjoyed working with the gemcutters and those setting stones in weapons and other items during his free time.

A decade later, Khygar has grown bored. He longs to see more of the world and to put his warhammer to use in righting wrongs, rather than manning the battlements of those few places where order already reigns. His term of service recently ended and he has recently left Janderhoff first for Absalom and then to see more of the world.

Khygar is a somewhat naive lad.  Coming from dwarven communal society, Khygar's first instinct is to trust those around him unless they overtly show themselves to be hostile.  Khygar loves strong drink and is a pleasant drunk--until his tendency to play pranks upon his drinking companions comes out!

Khygar gets along with most people--his openness to new ideas (another reason he wanted to leave the clan-bound society of the dwarves to see the world) makes him particularly easy to deal with.

But, once roused his anger is mighty and he swings his hammer to smite those who would harm him or his friends.  Despite this, Khygar has only fought against those he considers evil.  He has never had to strike out against a morally ambiguous foe.  He has a tendency to see the world in black and white.  Dispite this, he believes in the innate goodness of all and is also usually quick to forgive.