Friday, January 9, 2015

Homebrewed Adventure: Trouble at the Orphanage

Back in the spring and summer, there was news about hundreds of missing girls abducted from a Nigerian orphanage.  It got me thinking about how terrible that life must be to live in an orphanage in a war-torn land.  In Nigeria, the orphanage might have been a safe place.  But, it also inspired me to draft an adventure with a dangerous orphanage.

I initially placed the orphanage in Golarion--in Woodsedge in Galt.  When I ran it, Father Marluque was a cleric of Erastil.  I'm feeling pretty good about it--in fact, it has a full 1 inch by 1 inch map detailing all three levels of the orphanage.  The map was built in Dungeonographer.  Ground floor is at the bottom, then the second floor, with the basement at the top.

The adventure is posted online at